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Recently, I got a project work from my college to explore and write a report on the journey of any Indian Business Leader while they were establishing their product and I got to know about Aditi Gupta, founder and owner of Menstrupedia.

Aditi Gupta comes under one of the Top 10 Indian female entrepreneurs, and she talks about Menstruation which is still considered as a “Taboo” in our society, which is so bad in so many aspects and have built the myths is a large amount.

According to Aditi Gupta, “Menstruating women are impure. This taboo has nothing to do…

Date 5th November 2020, Wednesday early morning, the Maharashtra Police arrest Republic TV owner and editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami over a 2018 suicide case. In 2018, Anvay Naik, an architect and his mother died by suicide over alledged unpaid dues by Arnab Goswami. According to the report, Arnab Goswami had not paid 84 lacs to Anvay Naik from the total sum of rupees 5.4 crores. Anvay Naik had also written Arnab Goswami’s name in the suicide note. The case was closed in 2018 but now it’s reopened again and the investigation is on. link for the same is below.

Let’s get…


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